Jorge Saeta is a native of Zaragoza in Spain and has lived in Indonesia and Japan. Formerly a graphic designer and pre-press technician, Jorge studied in the historical Spectrum academy of photography at Zaragoza and then at the Arts and Trades School in Arts & Sculpture Studies.

He has documented international issues, for instance the Southeast Asian Tsunami of 2004 and the tragedy of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa among others. His camera portrayed ethnic minorities immersed in environmental and political troubles in Asia and also marginalized and alternative communities in Europe. He has covered several projects for international NGOs such as Medicos del Mundo (Spain), ISCOS-CISL(Italy), Solidarites International (France), Gruppo di Volontariato Civile (Italy), among other organizations. His photo story about the dump of Makassar city in Indonesia helped to initiate the project “The slum school” by the NGO The Sacred Childhood Foundation (UK – Indonesia).

In 2009 and 2011 he was awarded with the Documentary Award by the World Folklore Photographers Association in the contest “Humanity Photo Awards”, sponsored by UNESCO for his photo stories: “Traditional Dwellings of Indonesia” and “Whalers of Days Gone By”.


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